KJDT Entertainment

In a world gone mad how are parents supposed to Protect Their Kids? Kids Protect Themselves? The members of the SuperCrew learn to stand up for themselves and others. An immersive media experience, from comic books to an animated feature film to a weekly television series and an online presence where kids can share thire bullying experience, the story is about three boys and their mentor, a "big brother," who receive superpowers after being exposed to alien technology. The boys are taught to use their powers for good, and that when dealing with bullies it's always better to use your words, to learn the reason the bullies bully others, and not resort to the same tactics used by the bullies. As Maya Angelou once said, "Hate never solved any problems." Created by John Andrucci, Dario Cavada & Tommy Baldassarra, the JDT of KJDT Entertainment. The animated feature film is in development with Bradley Stilwell, Lenscowboy Films SA.

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