The Sounding Forest

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Known as the Valley of Harmony, the spruce trees surrounding the Val di Fiemme have throughout history been appreciated by Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati. The fine wood's acoustic characteristics resonate with craftsmen of fine stringed instruments - organs, pianos, violins, violas, and many others. Ciresa Tesero, the company that crafts the wood of the spruce into soundboards, has calculated that 160,000 pianos exist in the world thanks to the spruce trees of the Val de Fiemme; the pillars in this temple of music.
Every summer, internationally renowned musicians participate in the Sounds of the Dolomites Music Festival and are called upon to choose a fir tree from "The Sounding Forest." This gift of the Val de Fiemme, the soundboards born from the wood, will be used to craft instruments that will create sublime melodies that will be enjoyed around the world.