Enemies & Allies

Known to only a few, the magic of the Val di Fiemme can be reached through the "Ephemeral Doors;" doors that open with imagination and with the help of the Spirits of the Valley and the Spirits of the Underworld. At the end of every branch, behind every bush, beneath every rock, and deep within every crevice of the earth is an entryway, an entryway to adventure. An adventure that changes with each reading; an adventure that's created with each new opening that's entered; an adventure that takes you across rivers, into the woods; to the tops of the mountains; and deep beneath the Earth. Adventures where enemy battles enemy, and enemies can become allies.

The spirit of Nature

The map of the Tale

The Old Barn

Carrots poisoned ... were intended for poor Digger (the mole).

Digger meets the sprite of the depths.

Tasso, who knows all about herbs, medicines and poisons

Tree Ruthless

The Gnome Errante

The Ephemeral Doors