and the Dark Mask

Eliseo is called upon by the Spirits of the Mountains to find and destroy the Dark Mask which has gone missing from the Hall of Masks deep within the mountain chain. At the same time, Eliseo's friends, Aldo & Otto are asked to search for their friend Guercio, the little green man who nurtures the forest surrounding their valley. Their paths cross. Unbeknownst to them, they are on two separate journeys that will take them to the same destination where they will find and destroy the Dark Mask and the evil it possesses, and be reunited with their friend Guercio.

The Dark Mask

The life cycle of the frog

The map of the Tale

A view of the valley

A shadow slips between the houses of the village

Eliseo and magical masks

Eliseo meets the Just

A little 'relax, the adventure is over ... for now